Daniel wu sun photo show a mid-life crisis, round inch

  When it comes to Daniel wu, believes that many netizens are not strange.As a comparable level of pop star in the enterta

inment circle, the circle but’s highest levels of his appearance.Remember at the beginning, he in th

e movie in police uniform, inadvertently looked up and cap, an instant fan poured countless female fans, because

of the classic lens, he was also a lot of netizens as the most handsome male god to wear uniforms.

  Although he is the heart of a lot of people man and god, but what is undeniable is that handsome man again, finally al

so enemy but the passage of time.Daniel wu is 44 years old this year, already marched into the middle-age stage, pa

st the fresh meat has become uncle.Stages of one’s life, middle-aged and elderly who can not avoid, how can Mr. Wu is an exception?

  Recently, the Daniel wu on social networking sites bask in a group photo, he was wearing a black jacket in the photo,

had a round inch hair and photos with family and friends.Picture a the hair by netizens p

oking fun at a fraction of a second.Finally know why some people say: “

hair style is everything”.This sentence on Daniel wu really reflect incisively and vividly, a little too much too apt.

  Him the flat shape, not only very old, but also exposed the own shortcomings, look at the

hairline is very worried about, and that shiny thick handsome before Daniel wu in the middle is really bad for Louis

koo, really can’t believe this is Daniel wu.I didn’t expect there to the crisis, man and god hairline time is really cruel

.Netizens have also joked: “male god is going to bald?”Another netizen message

says: “arise, and let your hair or buzz

cut is not for you, thinning hair.”Have net

friend says: “cut a plank inch, still can not cover up his handsome.”

  Though he now and everyone’s image in the mind is some gap, but he really had to say w

hen young is very handsome and charming.Daniel wu facial features deep,

as a young eyes shimmering stars, if coupl

ed with height is one meter 83 no problem man god configuration.Because

itself is learning architectural design, so the body has a very strong artistic breat

h.He XueWu since childhood, so also have masculinity, can say is elegance and m

asculine.He with excellent appearance with its advantages, will soon stand out in the actor.

  From more than a decade ago by levels of a uniform appearance beautiful

young, to today’s strength, is he not fussy don’t hy

pe acting skills honed in on the road of performing arts.In film over the years he

received many awards and nomin

ations, after the to director also obtained great success.Although there is no longer

any way for long, but he is by acting

speaking, not by appearance.Then again, even if he is flat, appearance level several street also left a lot of stars.